Phil Davies

Phil – DSA Driving Instructor, West Berkshire, is based in Goring and offers lessons in a wide area including South Oxfordshire and Reading. His calm and supportive manner makes him a popular choice for students who then go on to recommend him to friends and family.

Phil comments: “A lot of people are understandably nervous about learning to drive. It’s very satisfying to help an anxious pupil develop into a confident, safe driver who not only begins to enjoy driving but goes on to pass their test first time.”

The driving lessons are structured so that each new skill is learnt in a logical order, while Phil’s relaxed approach ensures that the learning process is fun and enjoyable. It’s not a one way process where the driving instructor dictates each step: the student is encouraged to comment and provide feedback, which is used as input into the lesson plans that we agree together. Quite simply, people learn better that way.

In his time, Phil has driven anything from an original 1960s Fiat 500 to double decker buses and luxury touring coaches – and quite a lot in between! He is passionate about road safety and keen to pass on the skills that mean safe driving for life, not just getting through the driving test and relying on trial and error after that. He is fully DVSA qualified and recently passed the new Standards Check with flying colours.

Announcement: Phil is returning from a grey gap year in July

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